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  1. Take Two have a stand at E3 and it seems their line up has been leaked. Perhaps we may be returning to Vice City it seems. Also on the list is Bully 2 and LA Noire So hoax or is it true.
  2. I wouldn't be too worried because Take Two are there and their line up has been leaked. GTA V is on the list http://www.nowhereelse.fr/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/vice_city_2_gta5.jpg
  3. I'm really beginning to warm to the idea of GTA: Paris(based city).
  4. Well I suppose this is good for Playstation users but I take it you'll still need a monster PC to run it.
  5. Probably still are, just not with the rip.
  6. The torn bit means nothing then, just tried to make it look real by making it seem "glued" over the poster in the porn shop
  7. I think the tear maybe part of a billboard from either San Andreas or Vice City. What I want to see in the future is 3 expansion packs like TBoGT and TLaTD, each based in one of the three GTA Cities. I like the France, although I doubt it it's clever you worked that out.
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