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  1. JuneBug420

    Possible GTA V hint in EfLC manual?

    Yep that's the poster I was talkin about. Good find on the pic's Green.I wish I was less of a computard cause I woulda posted em earlier. Either way there It Is. I wonder what,If anything It may mean. I tried to find a website In-Game but had no luck. Still pretty neat. Also Mollis is a municipality in the canton of Glarus in Switzerland. Mollis has an area, as of 2006, of 21.8 square kilometers (8.4 sq mi). Of this area, 41% is used for agricultural purposes, while 44.9% is forested. Of the rest of the land, 8.2% is settled (buildings or roads) and the remainder (5.9%) is non-productive (rivers, glaciers or mountains).[2] The municipality is located on the right side of the Linth valley. It includes the area from the Linth Canal and Walensee to the Schlattbach in the Netstal. It consists of the village of Mollis and the hamlets of Beglingen on the Kerenzerberg and the alpine settlement of Mullern. Doesn't sound like too much of a good location for a Game,but who knows. It's made up of alot of German,Italian,an Albanians.Well at least that's what they speak anyhow. Kinda useless info but I was bored.
  2. JuneBug420

    Possible GTA V hint in EfLC manual?

    Hey Guy's long time lurker,first time poster,Awesome site. Anyhow I posted this on Gamefaqs but figured I'd tell you guys too,maybe your community can make something of It. That lil rip on pg.13 Is Of a poster that Is located In the backroom of the porn shop In Hove Beach..I think It's Hove Beach,w/e the first town you start In when playin GTA4 vanilla.The one you pick up Roman up at when hangin out and do a job with Dimitri at. Anyhow I stink with computers and all the new age stuff.But If ya get bored,check It out.I won't tell you anymore about It cause It's there for you too see for yourself. Anyhow just figured this would be a good place to let folks now about that. Have a good day fellow gamers. Quick Edit:I found this while playin the Ballad,not sure If It's there In the original game or TLAD,but It's def there In the Ballad.