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  1. Styl3r

    Looking for pedestrians voice

    Does anyone have it? No one gives out any game files, unless they are brand new sound effects someone made to replace the original sounds. I can only say the ped has no voice, or the ped voice is misspelled in the data files folder. I am not even sure how you could lose a peds voice unless you played around with replacing a voice and messed up the sound file, if this is the case that is why you make backups of any or all files, before modding them. I was downloaded ripped gta so some sounds removed.
  2. Styl3r

    Looking for pedestrians voice

    Does anyone have it?
  3. Hello guys,i need a little help I was searched for pedestrians voice's and i find one file with 1gb from megaupload but files from 1gb and above can be downloaded only by premium users there. Do you have any other link?Or can you upload your own? I will appreciate that (if this is illegal send me via pm) Thanks
  4. You mean i just flying for long time out of map and when i die,after my respawn should be new territories?I must be in war?
  5. I bored to see gang members in Los Santos and i was wondered if any script or mod exists to make CJ war with more gangs on another towns.
  6. I downloaded days ago gta san andreas and when i am ingame i dont hear pedestrians talk or something else...Also in missions i dont hear nothing... What file i miss?