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  1. Hi Guys, I have a very strange situation , i installed the cracked version of GTA IV and played it without any proplem using OFFLINE account and reached 50% of the story according to the stats , i updated to cracked update and worked fine , but i decided to buy the full game to play multiplayer , i don't have p.o. box so i bought only cd key ( $15 ) and applied it , Games for windows told me that there is an update to the game and must be installed or it will sign out i clicked download , 5 seconds later update faild , it appeared that rockstar released that's what games for windows was trying to download , i manually downloaded it from gamespot.com , tried to install it but everytime i got GTAIV_TU5.exe Has Stooped working when the install reach the middle approx. , i tried 3 times but everytime i got the same , so i opened GTA IV and the live account not the offline one signed in successfully but in the first mission !!! ESC > Load > No Saved Games !!! i tried to login with the offline account but i can't i have to enter login live email and password and there is no way to login with the old offline account , i navigated to C:\Users\ME\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames and i found 2 folders : 1 for the offline one and one foe the online one and one for invalid user , i copid the save file from offline to online folder , tried to load it but i got something like "can't load check your hard disk" maybe because the save file is assigned to the offline profile only . i even tried to play multiplayer ( that's why i bought the game ) but i always got "The connection to Games For Windows - Live has been lost. Returning to single player" note : when i click HOME to acces Games for windows it told me that my live account's region is Saudia Arabia despite the email's region is us and xbox's region is us and they said that the account must be us to play multiplayer with please help me to get my live account - with my 50% save game - and can access multiplayer
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