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  1. This is the same newspaper! We are a gaming community usually stronger in the Balkans! You can then visit our web site! rockstarrem edit: link removed. Advertise in your sig. We know everything regarding the game and get the information from individual companies that make games! Thanks
  2. The Gta V will be set in Tokyo !
  3. Already some time talking about the release of the new GTA installment, but apparently there was word that will come to the end of 2010. year, but Rockstar has decided it will not be this year. Frankly, I think it might be better not to go out once this year though it would be a little too fast, considering that many people still have not acquired recently come out GTA IV, because of its hardware complexity and cost PS3 console, not to say everything crossed mission. And GTA IV would not have developed anywhere near the popularity such as GTA San Andreas, which was long out there without a new sequel to the popular GTA series, because the people are fed up quickly and move on GTA V. Plot GTA V will be held in Tokyo, the metropolis with 35 million inhabitants. Speculated that it will not be called GTA V, but probably GTA: Tokyo, and it was just a sequel to GTA IV (like Rockstar San Andreas and Vice City GTA III considers extensions). Visits is, Vice City was released just a year after GTA III. That is all we know for now! )) by
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