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  1. Is there such a mod? Is it possible to save a game at your bed without advancing the game time? Thanks!
  2. Actually I do 3D for a living That's why it's so unsettling for me not to know how to add my own cars in GTA4 The only Kams MAX scripts that I was able to find were relating to modding San Andreas. It seems there is no way to get GTA4 files into Max without using Zmodeler. This one looks promising http://gtaiv3dmodelexporter.blogspot.com/ , but I couldn't figure out what the guy is talking about - he only links to Spark
  3. Hi all! I'm new to modding but I'm getting really into it. It's really awesome having all these great looking vehicles that people have built and made available for us to import into the game. Some of them look better than the original ones! My question is - how can I start building and importing my own 3D cars? I mean... how do people actually build them? How do they convert them? Is Zmodeler he ONLY program that can do that? Can I use 3ds Max or Maya instead? What are the guidelines that one has to follow in order to make a car acceptable to the graphics engine (poly count, shaders, grouping, etc.) What about collision objects...? It just seems so complex it's hard to believe that regular people are doing it, and doing it so well! Can someone who can do all this point me in the right direction?! Thanks!
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