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  1. Thanks for all the help nonetheless.
  2. After some more searching on the subject i found out about v2.0 and v1.0 of san andreas. Its to do with a shitload of tightass legal paper pushers and the hot coffee mod. I also found a converter which changed v2.0 back to v1.0 solving my problem. How awesome am I.
  3. You trying to tell me that theres a virus going around attacking .img files so you can play, but cant mod gta sa? no, the problem is not with my computer, and its not with what im doing. Surely i cant be the only one whos got this problem.
  4. didnt know that the thing is that if i try installing a car mod, and then after delete it and backup all the affected files the game will still crash. which is highly strange. Ive had considerable experience modding other games so im certain that i cant be making mistakes, at least not everytime I try this. Again, this applies if i try modding with sami or manually. the game works fine without car mods, but as soon as i tamper with gta3.img it gets fubar. im starting to believe that theres some sort of security mechanism on my version.
  5. Just tried that, to the same effect. only thing i could think of is if someone sent me their gta3.img, vehicles.ide, handling.cfg and carcols.dat and i could try that away?
  6. because im a noob im entitled to my free shopping mod, and because my puter is indeed uber ive got the 10x draw distance as well. i occasionally also install the real speed mod.
  7. yeah, i tried a bunch from here. i run xp home, 1 gb ram with an x800 pro.
  8. I tried a whole bunch of vehicle mods from several sources, each after a clean reinstall of the game. none worked.
  9. I can install most of the mods out there for GTA SA, but for some reason when i try to install a new car I get as far as halfway through the load bar and then my game crashes. I tried it manually and with sami as well, to the same effect. id really appreciate some help, seeing real world cars in the game would be fucktastic.
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