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  1. Okay, here's I found a video, that's his CPU is same as me 1.6 Ghz E 2140 He has Sapphire Radeon 3450, 256MB Compare with mine NVidia GT 8500, 512MB, which one is better?
  2. Oh I see, how to see is it original? I think my previous disc is pirated one. And where to buy?
  3. Anyway, thanks, I know more about GTA IV with my computer now. I wanna try to install first before I upgrade, perhaps it will runs well? I don't really know.. Haha.. Oh.. Let me ask you a question. I have been install once GTA IV in my PC, but it was a failed. It is because of some .cab file/data errors. If I format my computer, will it helps to make the game run smoother?
  4. Oh I see. From the summary, what's the main problem to play GTA IV with my computer? I always think is the CPU. I think 1 GB is actually match with XP version. So my video card is should be in " Recommended Requirement " right? If my Video card is better then I will quit my mind of changing video card. Then change the motherboard/processor! And too, I may insert one more GB of RAM into my PC. I think it doesn't use a lot of money, right?
  5. Look at mine one please. I need help, thanks.
  6. LoL~ How about me? * It's not enough yet I know but can I launch the game and play it smooth will average setting? Or other suggestions? OS : Window XP Professional, Windows not activated. CPU : Intel Dual Core ( R ) 1.60 GHz * RAM : 1 GB of Kingston DDR2 RAM Graphic Card : NVidia GeForce GT 8500, 512 MB * = I worry about it. ------ READ ABOVE FIRST THEN SEE THIS ********************************************************************************* If My RAM is increase to 4 GB of DDR2 RAM, will I able to run smoother? And NVidia GeForce GT 8500 change to GT 9500?
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