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  1. Hasan

    Making Car!

    Jace! can you send me 3DS through this link www.sendthisfile.com. You have to create an account for it sure its free.
  2. Hasan

    Making Car!

    Can't I use trigger max
  3. Hasan

    Making Car!

    Hello Jace! I got all the requirments you told to me.Now please can tell me how i can create player models.I got "ACDCEE","ZModeler" and "TXD Workshop" Mail me the steps at [email protected]
  4. I really need help i downloaded a player model of tifa lockheart (Final Fantasy VII) from gta.gamigo.de. How did he create it.Can you guys help in making player models? Please post as much you know about model making.
  5. Hasan

    Making Car!

    Jace can you send me the txd workshop 3.5 zmodeler
  6. Hello! I am a new member. Please help me out.You Guys make Cars and other for GTA VC. How I can make my own cars,player models and skins e.t.c. Can You guys help me
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