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  1. Well this sucks. No one is looking in here.....
  2. Lol BTW, I don't understand his requests. Weird English usage.
  3. hhmmm.....I never thought that cartoons work that way well I watch Spongebob often and I LOLed very much.... <<--hey I love this smily....
  4. omg stop writing with full caps. I really hate it. Well somebody is not just going to be helping you if you approach them this way. Try to edit your post.
  5. Well does anybody here plays the mod? I made some small cleos add-on to make it more awesome. I also plan to make a add-on for the SPM animation and weapons animation. Hope you like it. Available here ate The Gta Place or at My website
  6. Yeah I have read that. I just wanna know, is unapproved still not checked or unapproved it checked but not giid enough to be here?
  7. Hey guys, I just uploaded 2 files yesterday and it is unapproved. Why is it? I upload it to GTAgarage.com with no problem why can't I do it here? Thanks for your response.
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