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  1. I ma go put it ingame

    ill put a video later.

    oops sorry for double post

    @Ryan hey can i release this version on GTAF? but ofcourse our mod has a better one


    im using my anim player script to play the anim.

    GRRRRR if you ask why the anim is floating because im using the anim player script so the player/ CJ still gets affected by the col. where his feets supposed to meet the floor/ COL



  2. WOW I feel stopping doing any work cause theres only 2 people who comment on what Ive been working on =.=

    DARN it I bought my IV copy this morning but the CD key dosent BLOODY work so I returned it and they said OUT OF STOCK so I need to go back on tuesday to get my new copy with a new CD key.

    @HUCK Looks EPIC bro its AWESOME.

  3. I'm also thinking of opening up a site dedicated to the mod; me and Ryan will be managing it.

    Yes, because my earlier site wasn't that good, and this new site will have it's own forum! (Not like the crap one on my earlier site)

    uhm guys the script for the sleeping save anim will not come from me. cant make the script to work. so Im just gonna work on the anim for that then ask our scripter to work with me with the script. by tomorrow Ill get the anim ingame. PROMISE. ill take a screen for yah guys. :D

  4. 1-it's supposted to be a iv to sa conversion,so I tried to use every single iv resource.Now:you thinki didn't do that of trying with my own door?...belive me,I made everything before asking for help, but well till now I have fixed it,it was a problem about i needed to re-build the full .img file XD, anyway noel don't be so hard with me,day by day I work In the mod trying to make it the best I do :D,the video is being uploaded right now so expect an update soon,btw I'm writing by my iPod touch so I can't post as usually I do,I hope an update from you noel soon...about the sitting and sleeping script :D, thanks people!

    well just trying to help LOL

    yes Im on my new laptop and I was shock it failed can you run it with GTAIV cause its Windows 7 but dont worry IV will work just need to wait for my copy. I know it will work cause everything is check except for OS ROFLMFAO

    the sleep anim is comming just need to position them nicely. and about the script Ill ask for help for a good scripter to help me so the sleeping save anim will work.


  5. Yep, Lostedx(GamerTag in Xbox360)

    Vans123=My all the time used nickname in GTA Modding :P


    My fking Shit, im near to explode!!

    I get a fking annoying error!



    That fking white mesh, is appearing instead of my beautiful Blue door of Romans Apartment, the fking door just appeared 1 time and all the other times i enter to test something new and got to my apartment for a litte rest i find this SHIT!

    Any idea on how the fuck to fix it?, its supposted to be dynamic, and yeh is dynamic but the only fking problem is the mesh!!i dont get my beautiful Door!!!

    I just get a damn white mesh, that mesh is from Romans Kitchen is the little light for the kitchen and yeh!, is called diferent and everything!!


    Help! i wont continue till this damn problem gets out of my beautiful apartment

    everything you see in picture is by me xD, prelight,etc


    well have you try to make your own door? instead of using IV's one... if you made your own one and it worked them theres a problem with that mesh. heres a tip if you maade your own door and it worked just texture it the same as Iv's one. yes im going to get my PC today... I might get IV next week.

  6. Im getting close to my IV copy and my new PC xD

    btw vans if you need help making the Lods for them Ill help you. do you think we can like uhm make a big LOD for like 2 blocks or something do you think it will work,

    btw.....Im working with the sleeping save anim and the script for it but btw does someone has the interior for niko's house so I can test it?

  7. Ryan W and your team, great job!!!

    And i would like create article on my russian site about your project, because i really really like your project!

    So, can i ask question?

    Are this screens from your modification?






    well it kindah looks like it but where did you get it

  8. ENBSeries can give a significant improvement in graphics if you configued it carefully, but it is nowhere as good as GTA IV. If you want SA to look like IV in the graphics department, you'll have to rewrite the whole engine and make some changes to the models if needed.

    well not really you dont need to rewrite the whole engine.

    you can just make a d3d9.dll mod like the ENB series and inject the improvement to the game. Well you must study how to make it LOL.

    well like vans tell if you really have a powerfull rig you can try using ENB series and play with your settings then poof you can make a better graphics but not near to IV.

  9. modelling man no one will give you the beta. even you give us models we wont.cause we dont trust you.

    Update from me coming soon. Ive been playing witht the car paths so yeah some of the places on the vid will have cars going to the proper road xD....

    Im from GTAF too.

    nice to see johnathan can script now.

    and ill be uploading the new exclusive IV style anims(video) for this mod soon

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