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  1. There are a few vehicles id like to add a pro street look to,(wide rear tires blower and maybe a roll cage if i want to get really crazy.) How would i edit the look of the vehicles?
  2. i start game get into a vehicle and the speedometer doesnt show up. i press f10 to have the speedometer show and the game freezes. i followed all the steps int the readme. does anyone know how to make it work?
  3. dman1049

    game crash

    the mods were just cars nothing else. i deleted and now am unpacking it again.
  4. dman1049

    game crash

    i just installed a bunch of mods with sami. i havent played the game before i modded. so i dont know if its a mod or a original problem with the game. is there a way to figure out whats crashing my game. it loads about half way when i click "start new game" then crashes.
  5. the computer is a dell dimension e510. none of the components have been upgraded. i was able to play gtasa but i cant play vc. what do i have to do to get the game to work?
  6. i saw a pro street nova and im a camaro fan and would love to make a pro street camaro to the game. how would i do this? i saw a mod where i can add the car to the game but i want to make a pro street version of it. more specifically a 67 rs camaro fat rear tires and a blower and the ability to mod the car in garages.
  7. dman1049

    monster truck mod

    anyone have a cool monster truck they're willing to let me have? or the original .dff and.txd file? this heavily modded version of gta sa has a rather fugly monster truck, the original is nicer and would either like to skin it or get something cooler.