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  1. If u want to join theis new role playing event fill out the form below Character info Name: Backround: Job: Car: Hobbies House: Money System When a player dies he loses £20 for the cost of injuries.If a cop has died his unjuries are already payed for by the LCPD.The host will record the record everyones new balance. Crime System If someone comits a crime they should get punished.When a crime is commited the police will try and catch the criminal and but him behind bars.Depending on the seriousness of the crime the cop will either decide to jail them or fine them.It is always better to go to jail instead of making a run for it.If the criminal makes a run for it the only way he can get away from the cops is by getting making it to the airport if he does then the police will have to close the case and forget about it. Jobs Cop - £100 per week Criminal/Gangstar - makes own money by robberies etc Taxi druver - £5 per fare Pilot - £30 per flight Civilian - £10 per week Bodyguard - Payed money to protect people Assasin - £20 per kill Paramedic - £50 Per week Fire Fighter - £50 per week Buisness Man - Makes own money Safehouses Playboy x House Safehouse in bohan Algonquin flats And thats all i can think off.If u no any let me no. Gangs If u want to join a gang join one of thses The Brotherhood - North Hollan The latin King - North wood Cripz - East Holland The Italian Mafia - Bohan
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