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  1. Hakha

    How to make a Gta 4 money trainer

    ok i'll psot a lin...but i shall fix up this first, tsearch doesn't stop dma and i didn't do tmk properly, since i ahd to clean my room -.-, and i just noticed that when i went to test mine -.- i found a guide how to get around it useing ollydbg or something or another....if that doesn't work, making an out of game trainer's useless, and i'll just upload the "patched" cheat's happen trainer that some guy ahcked lol...but i went upload the trainer at gtagarage, and i'm like wtf, they said it hazza virus =0 yea, tmk has a virus, it's the hotkeys.string or soemthing, but i scanned on kaspersky, and trainer was clean, and i scanned on eset av, clean.....lol weird....i think they got one of dem ova protective av's....
  2. Ok.First thing to say, is idk were to post this if it's not in da righta area, please a mod move it if it's in da wrong area... guy's throught the alst 2 day's i've been making a trainer......i do not kno how many guide's i've used!!! it's ahrd inless you get the right guide, so here is a newbie to average guide in making a money trainer (don't bother amking a release one, i already ave) it will be in multiple part's, but this one post will be edited. If you want photo's for were i say this >>image<< them pm me ur e-mail and they'll come in order... Ok. First things first, you need a few program's....(links will be provided for alst stuff...) Heres a list: Basic: TMK (Trainer Maker Kit). TSearch. xLive patch....will not supply link.... Advance Programs: Picture to icon. Mp3 to wav decoder...(will take a while to find one or you cna use my facny one) Ok Firstly get your Xlive patch, for a windows live game and put it in your direct gta 4 folder, with all da data image's aunches etc.. When you have done that and have installed Tsearch and TMK Open up your game ( i will be useing grand theft atuo 4 ) And wait for all the cut scene's to finish, then load up your save file (reocmend to have atleast 2 grand b4 u do this...) and then "alt tab" or "windows key" out of their...go into tsearch, and open process >>image 1<< then go to the first search button (magnify glass) and search how much money you have...once done go back into game >>Image 2<< (what to press) Spend a little amount of cash (catch a taxi and go to a gun shop) and do what eva to hide your game again, and press the glass with 3 dot's like so "..." >>image 3<< once done, add all left over's to the cheat list... >>image 4<< when added to the cheat list enable debugger,by the autohack menu and add again >>image 5<< Right click one of them...and go auto hack... >>image6<< go into the game and buy a gun...go back outa dn open the autohack window (below the debugger option) and go back out look at the auto hack window and press the red smiley face..get the code and laod up tmk.... make a button on your file write click write properties and go wiz, then put dword add the address you got from TSearch and u debugged, and put it in and then chose your value, and put another button and right click it and go option's, function and click it to quit....then in the bottom left conner theere's "build option's" hock it up to the gta4 process, and then debugg it, and press your "button one" and in gmae you should get mroe money...and you are done... Sorry for my Spellin i'm olny 14 and don't pay attention to skool lol... Xliveless patch can be downladed from here http://www.gtavision.com/index.php?section=downloads&site=download&id=2602 list is still in process but for tsearch adn tmk just google them...
  3. Hakha

    Gta Iv Money address

    i've been tryin to get the money address from tsearch but i just can't -.-...can someone please!!!! help me =[ i've nearly finished the moeny trainer which will make it so you don't need to cheat =]
  4. Hakha


    the latest version of spark....or version' http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-iv/tools/1824 np =P
  5. someone's uploaded one already =] i attached for ya Realistic-Vehicle-Damage-2.0.rar
  6. Hakha

    A few Questions

    the minimum requirements are....let me get my game case lol... it doesn't say "minimum, but here they are.... os: windows vista - sp 1/xp - sp3, memory: 1.5gb vista/1gb xp 16gb free hard disc video card: - 256mb nvidia 7900/ 256mb ati x1900 processor: intel core 2 duo 1.8ghz. amd athlon X2 64 2.4ghz also internet connect required for full installion and activateion...any programs that areneeded will be installed before th start of gta 4 np hope it helpped if it didn't
  7. Easy, Pause while in game, go to the alst option (game) enter and turn auto save on, everytime you do something such as a date, hang with a male friend or mission, it save's, no time wasted, and when u load it put's you in ya house =] happy to help =]
  8. Hakha

    Trainer Tutorial

    lol thank's, i'm ganna sue this guide, another program (ollygbd) to open up a cheats happen promo trainer to get the moeny value of gta IV, then use trainer maker kit to create the moeny trainer, i will also later on mabey add an ammo option to it, i will give you credit for making the guide that made it look so easy enev tho it isn't -.-.. lol