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  3. Jayd101

    wishlist for next gta!

    Yeah, I think this topic should be locked man.
  4. Yeah, why would they want to do that?
  5. Grand Theft Auto State of Liberty is coming soon, it's work is still in progress. Here is the links below the system requirements. It's got all the GTA islands all in one map and a few islands added in as well. Even though work still needs to be done on it you can download the mod from the GTA Garage link below. System requirements: 1. Running Windows Win2k/SP4 - XP/SP2 - Vista 2. Latest version of Direct X (Dec 2007) 3. P4/AMD 2.4Ghz or better 4. ATI/GForce (128Mb/256Mb) 5. 512Mb+ of ram 6. 2.4Gigs of Hard drive space. 7. Have both original VC game disks. 8. Must own the original copy of GTA: Liberty City and GTA San Andreas. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=748 http://www.gtastateofliberty.com
  6. Jayd101

    GTA Chinatown wars Poll

    Please vote on this poll, this poll will be no longer valid past the date 1st FEB 2010. People from all countries can enter, please feel free to reply or email me. This is for a survey.
  7. Jayd101

    Sniper Rifles?

    You can't get the sniper rifle after those missions, unless you go to the gun club to practice, the gun club is around the Francis Intl airport. Here is the pic below for the gun club. The gun club is were the white player arrow is.