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  1. preciouslilywhite

    Learning to Fly

    yeah, thanks guys. I hope I can do it. I just have trouble landing when I circle airstrip and land. It's driving me insane!
  2. preciouslilywhite

    Learning to Fly

    Hi Guys, I'm new to GTA Forums, and it seems like an excellent website! But to the point, I am stuck on the "Learning To Fly" mission on the PC. I have tried over and over again and I CANNOT get past it! I have also tried downloading save files from after the mission, and when I load them, it starts a new game! My game is version 2. and it's a purchased game, not downloaded. Can someone do it for me? Or at least help me out? thanks so much! sorry If I posted in the wrong place! thanks everyone, I'm seriously a girl in need!