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  1. Your an idiot, the graphics card doesn't affect if it starts up, it's for the visual performance. It worked on another computer because it wasn't vista probably. Do you expect me to go run out, and buy a graphics card like that? They're 100 dollars or more. There are other solutions, but i am running a chipset, and i have no problems with any other games, not even prototype. So one game made in 2005 can't require top end requirments.
  2. So i downloaded the ENBseries mod, i installed it correctly, and when i try to start up my game, nothing happens. So, i reinstalled, tried ALL the different versions of ENB, i did Run as admin, Used the Run program, patched it, downgraded, cleaned it, reinstalled again, nothing works! I know some people have the same problem, but i can't find a solution, it just wont let gta_sa.exe start. You got any answers?
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