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  1. Hi, i've been looking for help everywhere but no one could help me with this i hope you guys can, I've installed some MOD in my GTA since i'm playing a SA-MP server, and those are the mods i installed: LS-RP MOd v2. Map Turf = Changes your radar and map to a more detailed way to travel in SA. And a Vehicle Pack, with a lot of cars moded. My problem is that i installed those mods with SA Mod installer, and i provably replaced the backup files too. it was the first time i installed mods. But i started to get problems with the Map Turf mod, i crashed out of the game many times when i drove in some areas. So i uninstalled it. And the mod is still there, i uninstalled all mods with the SA Mod installer. and none of them dissapeard, all mods are still there. I reinstalled the game like 100 times, and they're still there. The thing is now that i can't play on SA-Mp without getting crashed, but in Singleplayer when i get crashed too. Do anyone knows how i can remove those damn files from my whole computer? so i can install the game from the start again. Note: My game is installed from a legal bought CD, no pirate files at all.