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    - more cars, Bikes, choppers etc. (going to happen anyway) - a speedometer - u dont lose the type of weapon after a rampage - Better police AI (speically in pursuit, i like to get the thrill of a fast car and a bunch of cops chasin me.. never could get "the thrill" just after 2 stars they just smash their in u and they flip and die.. smart?) - Better Citizen AI ( i hate when u stand with a shotgun they just turn around and start walkin) - Upgrade ur gangs armor, weaps and train them to aim better - Being a passenger in a taxi - all four seasons - more and harder R3 and RC games - Able to call people, and choose what to say. - More Houses to enter - More Assets/houses to buy - buy and tune cars - More harder and longer missions - more realistic of whos in the cars, i think i never seen a black hiphop kinda guy in a van with a white fat worker - go shoppin new clothes - bigger collection weapons - the tank less "overpowered" - Choose Car color - A subway train and the ability to walk in the train, look at people - u will see police chasin criminals Dont kill the game.. keep on with cars with a not orginal name.. u can carry the same load of guns: fist, melee, pistol, shotguns, SMG, Assault Riffle, Heavy, Sniper, Nade :!: GTA is not ment to be super realistic, thats what makes it good :!: