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  1. Hi guys, long time no see. I am just wondering if it is legal to put here the download link?
  2. I can't give you permission, because there allready are videos about VC 2007 on youtube.

  3. Go back to XP. You can't play games on IGPs on Winodws 7, especially old ones with DX8 engines.
  4. I have a similiar mod like yours, but almost everything is changed in my Vice. There are scripts, mods, graphics, cars, animations, weapons, audio, all new radio stations! City is changed too and retextured a bit. It's a mixture of NFS and FNF with GTA Gameplay. I can help you with your mod if you give me few things from yours like timecyc and particle.txd, plant mods and an airplane. In return, I'll give you 3 of my radio stations, you can choose which one you like And help you with modding your GTA,ofc More detailed at: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/25130-gta-vice-city-2007-tc/ http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=448840
  5. How it all began... It all started at year 2007. I was just surfing through Vice data folder and found all this strange files... Run into carcols.dat and tried to open it via Notepad. And boy, was I happy! It made all sense, there were lines for an every car in the game, and next besides to them were bunch of numbers which I later have figured out that they were representing the colors for each car! I was thrilled I could make any car any color I'de like! Then came the enthusiasm which pushed me over the boundaries to try changing EVERYTHING what I want! Handling, wheels, textures, objects, city, audio, text.. There were NO LIMITS! Every day I was a step closer to make my dream game- a game which has a gameplay of a GTA, cars from Fast&Furious movies and NFS games, blasting music and crystal graphics!! Years were passing, while I slowly built my expansion. Possibilities were not so endless as I would like them to be, but with that what I got and with knowledge I collected myself, I think I made quite good and fun Total Conversion which I DO WANT to share with as many people I can! Thank you for your attention "What's in it for me?" Okay, the presentation part is very complex and would take a while to finish it. Let's start from the obvious, ok? -ENB Graphics Engine (Boris Vorontsov as the author, settings by me) It gives a game a masterpiece 'face-liftup' Thanks again Boris! See few examples of my: Bloom Bloor Occlusion Real Time Reflections Some more screenshots: *I will continue with the presentation soon, starting with graphics changes and describing vehicles and new codes. Until then,
  6. I present you a Total Conversion, a huge make-over expansion for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City! Disclamer: Before I even start, I want to announce that all this is made for FUN PURPOSES (no profit included whatsoever), and that not all the mods you see is created by me. I collected them all together, edited them to my likes (and I DO mean dffs, txds, cols, dats, cfgs, ides, ipls...), so EVERY POSSIBLE BIT OF A GAME WHICH I UNDERSTOOD, I CHANGED AND MADE IT BETTER. I owe a HUGE THANKS for all those people who made originall mods! AGAIN, this TC is for fun and I felt Vice City needed this type of overhaulin'. I like it this way, and I hope you will too.
  7. Models in 3DS MAX (never done it myself), texures by extracting bmps with TXD Workshop (or ViceTXD) and then editing them in some sort of image editor (ACD See or Photoshop).
  8. There is a way, actually, through main.scm codding. If you allready have a modelled and textured room, house inside, or any kind of that, you are half-done. Just make it load by the game engine as an object with interrior attributes. The second part would be to code a thread which has "coordinate-teleport-trigger". For example, if you get close enough to the front doors of the house you want to make interior, the code transports you "inside" of the house with fade-in & fade-out effect. The same way you get out of the interrior. Hope you understand, cheers
  9. It does, but it su*ks. They changed a few cars (like 10-15) with some low-poly tuned ones, but the game still remained the same in graphics, textures etc. Really lame, if you ask me.
  10. Is there a way to code them? YES!!! All i did is made an object that has 2DFX attributes, which are actually multiple light sources that correspond as to where neon glow SHOULD LIGHT! Take a look: So step-by-step in "shorts" would be: -create a dff object with very small polygon numbers. (up to 12) -edit it in Zmodeler so that it's material is 100% translucent (invisible) -no need for creating .txd file aswell, bcz our object will be transparent and will use no textures, only materials. -in object definition put the generic where texture object should be, like this: *bolded objects are neon dff's. -create 2dfx light sources for your object like this one I made for Nissan Skyline R34: -create a polygon-less collision inside of coll library which has the same name as your IDE that loads your object(s) (ie, mine IDE is named stuff.IDE, and so is the stuff.COL) -make them all load properly inside of gta-vc.dat -make a thread inside main.scm that will load&move your neon-object when you are driving a particular car. (needs a loop) -I will not paste the code here, as it is big, and it's my own creation from ground 0, also needed me a 2-3 days to make it work as expected. (maybe I will, if you really like my work) I think that's all. Now, look for these screenshots of all the car neon's I created for the past few weeks:
  11. Ok, let me explain it. Every object inside of a game has it's ID, models that loads, collision and attributes. I created a Nitro billboard for example: and these are the parts it loads: -n2osign.dff -n2osign.txd -collision* Now, after added them to gta3.img (txd and dff), you need to make the game load it in proper way. Create a custom folder inside data/maps called MODS. Copy any kind of .IDE into it and rename that .IDE to mymods.IDE Now, open it (Notepad) and delete everything inside of it. Leave this only: It's time to define your object here, so put this line after the objs: 5630, n2osign, n2osign, 1, 300, 0 It should look like this: 5630 is an ID, you can use any number higher than 300, but it needs to be unique, or you will have your game crashing. n2osign -model n2osign -txd 1 - leave it 300 - distance as from it appears 0 - exterior, means it will be shown while you are in a city You can add 2dfx light effects like this one of mine here (optional): Next step is to make the game load our custom IDE we created (mymods.ide) -Open gta-vc.dat -After the last IDE line IDE DATA\MAPS\haitin\haitin.IDE Add this: IDE DATA\MAPS\MODS\mymods.IDE So it looks like this: Save it and close it. *Last step is to create a collision for your object. Copy any .col to your MODS folder and name it mymods.COL -Delete all collisions inside of it and import your own, it can be a simple sphere only, but it MUST have the same name as object which represents, so we will name it n2osign. After you save your collision, exit CollEditor. We need to adjust the game to load our custom coll, so we find this line inside of gta-vc.dat: COLFILE 0 MODELS\COLL\GENERIC.COL and after it we paste our own: COLFILE 0 DATA\MAPS\MODS\mymods.COL So it looks like this: Save and close. Open any Map Editor, Ked or MooMapper, and turn on any IPL you want. Click Add Item and in the ID Number field, type 5630, and in model field type n2osign. Your object will show Save the IPL and you are done. EDIT: Can Moderators Pin this topic or merge it with some Mapping Tutorial? I would be thankful and it would be useful. Thanks.
  12. All of those things are hardcoded, rhino's attrbute can be edited on-fly only, using VC Developer Console and hacking RAM. And why would you change Tommy's weight? Ain't it easier to reduce the weight of cars if that was your goal of achieaving?
  13. Hi folks! First of all, greetings to you all, this is a very cool forum and I love it. I'll cut the introducing and get to the point of topic. I was in GTA modding scene for a 4 years or so, and my main goal was to remix the Vice City into a mixture of FNF, NFS and GTA Gameplay. As far for now, I mangaged it in a way (GTA Vice City 2007 is the TC, look it up), but there is still one thing that annoys: -Lights on cars can't be edited so easily. You guys all heard about BTTF mod? Look at this pic here: http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/9/8553/69683.jpg You can see that at the back of Delorean there are multiple light sources coded inside of main.scm. They probbably trigger when the car hits the desired speed. Now the point is, WHAT ARE THE OPCODES, because scatter particle at car_ofsset x y z doesn't work, I tried it... It keeps crashing. So, if there are any coders on this forum, and I do believe there are, look at my sketchup for coding NEON lights on to car: *1 this opcode does not exist, it's just a sketch to understand what I am trying to produce here *2 this line above will be multiplied x16, 8 light sources on the left of a car, and 8 on the right, all coded to as where light sources coordinates should be positioned. Here is the picture how all that should look like: Now I could use some help with codding, but please, this would be a major breakout, you would be able to make multiple neon colors for every car, or create drawings on them that flash during the nights, it would be very beautiful
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