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  1. Joseph Chamberlain

    GTA: SA Crazy Trainer +151 Problems

    I actually got it to work! And guess what I did? Downgraded to version 1.0. Now even the spawn codes work, so thanks to the dozens of posts on this board that indirectly helped me!
  2. Joseph Chamberlain

    GTA: SA Crazy Trainer +151 Problems

    I had trouble getting that trainer to work until I right-clicked the icon and chose "Run as administrator". But then only built-in cheats like "spawn jetpack" or "weapon tier 1-3" would work, but nothing else. And like the above user mentioned, trying to spawn any cars from the drop-down menu would result in a Dozer every time. And I have no mods whatsoever installed - using version 2.0 on Windows 7. Though I can attest that I had the same car spawning problems when I was using XP.
  3. Joseph Chamberlain

    GTA SA on Vista - problem with trainer

    I have the same problem... on Windows 7, actually. The in-game cheats like Weapon Tiers 1-3 or spawn jetpack work fine but anything new fails. The custom vehicle spawn codes just end up spawning a frigging dozer.