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    yes but where in the GTA San Andreas folder do i uninstall and install, i cant find it, please help me
  2. Hey, i have been playing on SA:MP servers for a long time now, i had a break for 2 days, came back and opened SA:MP client and tried to enter a server, it come up with these exact words in a little pop up box: ___________________________________________________________________ Error: GTA: San Andreas executable not found. (C:\Program Files\rockstar games\GTA San Andreas\gta_sa.exe) Please locate it now [OK button here] ____________________________________________________________________ So please can anyone help me, i have searched the computer with "Search" and not found gta_sa.exe it seems to have deleted itself or something. is there any way i can download this one file again to play, or do i have to download GTA all over again or buy it. Thats really all, i might have missed a few things out but please ask questions and help.