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  1. Hey, thanks for the response! I downloaded the program, but I did something wrong, and now the stripper is entirely white.. I can't replace the stripper's txd anymore, because the file I need to replace it with isn't recocnized when I use the ''browse'' setting.. I tried all morning to repair it, but I didn't succeed.. have you got any suggestions?
  2. Hey guys, I have a question. I want to make the stripper in vice city pole position club entirely naked with a mod, but it doesn't work out as it should.. this is the link to the mod: http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f800-nude-stripper downloading works, but then it says in the readme file that I need to ''replace two files from the mod'' with another file.. could anyone explain to me more cleary what I need to do..? I'm no english guy so I don't understand the ''replace'' word.. I hope anyone can help me out.. Disposable Teen 01
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