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  1. Gilatar

    Modding problem

    Now I'm really pissed, I deleted everything that had something to do with SA, and when I started up the game, they were still there
  2. Gilatar

    Modding problem

    Ok, I'll try that
  3. Gilatar

    Modding problem

    And how do i clear SA out of my registry ?
  4. Gilatar

    Modding problem

    Still didn't work The cars are still there
  5. Gilatar

    Modding problem

    Ok, I just deleted the "Rockstar Games" folder, and I'm installing again right now, I'll let you know if i works
  6. Gilatar

    Modding problem

    I installed GTA SA some time ago and i modded it like crazy, and after a while I just wanted to play without mods, and uninstalled everything, but then it got boring, and then i uninstalled the whole game. Some days ago, I installed it again, and then i noticed two of the "modded" cars were there, even though i uninstalled and installed it again. I tried to uninstall and install it one more time and the cars were still there, please help me i dont know what to do!