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  1. StreetLife Roleplay V.1.1 ™ StreetLife RP is now hosted on a dedicated server with 100 slots, provided by KingJ Host. Server IP: Visit the FORUM! www.streetlife-rp.net Originally the gamemode was made as a test server for TSOLS after needing somewhere to test scripts ready for that server, however it later came apparent that a certain lead admin didn't want two LSB servers (Original and Advanced) so to avoid distruption, I changed the name. Firstly I would like to say, anyone that plays both this server and LSB will not be penilised as I myself play both servers and will continue to be LSB as long as I am allowed to be! StreetLife is filled with advertisements for the SOLS server and therefore I hope nothing, including jelousy comes between both servers as I hope for a friendly SA:MP life together as it has been between myself and LSB through the past 2 and half years. Here at SL, we have already gained a few players, with a balanced admin team that helped us through the testing stages. StreetLife RP is a roleplay gamemode based on modern day gangster life, usually examples are taken from modern day events within in America. The made up state, San Andreas plays host to 6 street gangs, 2 known mafias and 7 Laws and enforcement agencies. All 6 of these gangs are within the county of Los Santos and play a big role amongs the server community. Rival gang wars usually happen after 4PM GMT time, as this is when aswell as in real life, in-game it starts getting dark. The type of roleplay you pursue depends on the time, and the displaying of your character. If it is mid-day, it is highly unlikely you are going to get away with robbing someone - without the interference of the LSPD. Lamont Evans wrote: The server is currently in it's development stages so don't expect it to be the best yet, we'll be upgrading in the near future with a newer version being released very soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwV9wPpxrsM&feature=player_embedded Please, make sure you enjoy yourself on the server. To make it short said, this is a unique script wich is a mix of regulair Roleplay and RPG, that brings our unique script a level higher due to that this script is done by scratch and personally I have never seen a server with this indipendent script. The server is working on V.2 which will include MANY special features ! - StreetLife Admin Team.
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