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  1. I reckon it'll be the 70's. Much as I loved the Miami Vice 80's of VC, the trend seems to be prequels. It could be good though. Good tunes in the 70's, the music in LCS was crap! (thank R* for R* Custom Tracks :-)) As for the protagonist, Kent Paul: Be great to play as a Brit, but nahh, he's a pussy (I think. A while since I played VC). Tommy: Nope, he wouldn't be there. It won't be anyone that turns out to be an arse. I reckon it'll be someone who we've never heard of who has such a cracking back story that we feel that we know him. Let's face it, these games are so well done that R* must be able to create someone who's known but never seen or referred to. Just ffs get the tunes right if you read this R*. Oh, and if you do and you need some creative input who can do firewalls and IPS and stuff, I'm your man ;-) Oh, and another thing, the quality of the voice talent seems to have dropped along with the quality of the music. Anyone agree?
  2. The thing that worries me is the era. One of my favourite things in VC was the tunes (80's child ) Driving to the Airport with the sun rising as Squeeze came on ..... ahhh, perfect (assuming you know the tune and the line). I'd be perfectly happy with an exact copy to be honest
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