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  1. Oh Ma Goodness! Thank you Mr.Greensbare13 , that is what I was asking for... thank you again and God Bless Ya.
  2. Oh dude thank you for that .. but I also read that topic and some others... but all i need to know is that where (in Which IMG file )I can find the T-Shirts? In Player.img I think it does exist. but which file? there're lots of -I don't knows- ... can you tell me which file should I modify to change a T-shirt of T-Shirts In Binco or SubUrbans? thank you again for the reply..
  3. Hi everybody... However I'm new to this forum,and this's ma 1st topic. I think there're TUTs about moddin but here i can't find myself.....!!!!! ;] I need to know how to change a txd file in any img file... for instance; can anyone explain to me how to change a t-shirt in player.img i know i need to extract the txd file but after that how can I modify the txd file? thank you everybody for yo helpingZ! ''
  4. I'm Spendin' ma days in GTASA

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