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  1. But after i did that, it just keeps changing it back to read only
  2. I changed to XP to Windows 7, im able to use car mods in xp but not now. There is some kind of lock locking my gta3.img and not letting me mod it. I have tried SAMI, IMG tool, Spark, GGMM, Alci, but none works! Also i downgraded my V2 to V1, so i think the only problem is the lock thingy. For those ppl who uses Windows 7 and use mods, plz help :'( Look at the damn lock on gta3.img
  3. Sorry for double posting but the ENB series works in singleplayer but not multiplayer
  4. I downloaded GTA San Andreas beta v0.075c test 2 My settings are
  5. Hi, i got a problem with ENB series. It wont let me see the ground and other objects, see the image below My Specs: CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 910 Processor RAM: 8GB OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (build 7600), 64-bit Video Card: ATI Radeon Graphics Processor (0x954F) I tried the lowest settings, but it still doesnt work. Some guy said it was because of the ATI card Help plz
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