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  1. My Gta now works with both exe's but how do i make downloaded savegames work :/? Sorry if it's kinda off-topic.
  2. Short story: When i launch my game it says gta_sa.exe stopped working. Full story: I downloaded a trainer and everything went fine untill i accedentely deleted wrong save game. I deleted it inside the trainer and it was not in my bin. So i didn't want to complete the game again and i tried to recover, didn't work. I then tried some savegames , they didn't work even tho i've got the V1. Mods and everything work but not savegames. So i deleted the gta-sa.set and tried with another savegame, didn't work. I then reinstalled my game , now it wont load and it says : gta_sa.exe stopped working. ALSO: I've got the steam version and i wanted to play it offline so i replaced the steam exe with a new exe , i guess this is legal because i bought the game. This has worked until now. Sorry for the long post and the bad english.
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