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  1. Nevermind my issue was fixed thanks to a friend who made up a few files. If anyone else has this issue here they are. Simple Steps should have you back up and running with 1.0 fully moddable. http://rs541.rapidshare.com/files/153275560/stasavepatch.rar
  2. I'm new to this forum but I've modded my GTA SA before. About half a year ago I had to reinstall Windows after this reinstall I had to install GTA SA back onto here. After I did everything went fine, the game worked 100%. Recently I wanted to downgrade (patch) my game to 1.0 so I could install mods onto it once again as well as play the game in windowed mode. To my surprise after I patched it, I ran the game. I went to load my saved game from 2.0 and it was corrupted, I was aware that may happen. I continued with the game, beat the first mission, and went to save. It "saved" well so I thought. I went to load it again and it was a Corrupted Save File. I repeated this process 6-7 times and still no luck. If anyone has had this issue before or can offer a way to fix this that'd be great. Thank You