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    Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, Shooting and Horror games, Redtube, Rule 34, and all the porn sites I know.

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  1. A Neutron walks into a bar and orders a drink. He asks the bartender "How much?" The bartender replies "For you, no charge." Looooool :PPPP

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    2. The Bossman

      The Bossman

      cont - I thought Tom Cruise was a boating holiday for male cats. My local village was destroyed by toilet paper. Everyone was wiped out. So I saw this dolphin serial killer. It was Jack the Flipper. In 2002 the Queen had been on the throne for 50 years. Would jubilee vit? I said I'm buying a theatre, she said you having me on? I said I'll give you an audition but can't promise anything. Tim Vine = LEGEND.

    3. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      I read, and tell me: WTF???

    4. Samil


      Holy fuckshit Batman, you should write a novel. :D

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