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    1. BlackListedB


      Didn't really need multiple angles when the whole Q and A would be more interesting, me thinks

  2. I find it hard to pick one favourite song because the soundtrack is vastly improved since GTAIV, I really liked Vladivostock or whatever it was on GTA EFLC, they had great feel good songs on there, dance floor fillers. Nine Is God is a fantastic song, reminds me of Lost In Translation, and that band Wavves are really good too, I'm gonna download their songs over the next few days, very impressed with them. Cocaine by Fidlar, that's a good FUCKITALL song, I like that one a lot. Also, Adult Education which plays on NonStop Pop, reminds me of Vice City and the Out Of Touch song by the same people, Hall & Oates. I could talk about every song on that playlist, I love it. Baker Street another big favourite.
  3. I had to go with ending C, deathwish, I thought about ending A a lot which was kill Trevor but I just wanted to have all 3 characters available whenever I wanted them and not just 2. And plus the character wheel would have looked odd for when GTA Online comes out and there's just the outline of Trevor left on the wheel. Ending B is harsh, killing Michael, I'd never have chosen that, and in the end choice C was the most fun as well.
  4. Need about $70 million on GTA V, hmm.

    1. BlackListedB


      I noticed the Blueprint in the coll Edition shows money making areas as well

  5. Has anyone here got any favourite songs from GTA V? If so post them in here, I made an iTunes playlist not long ago and I'm pretty happy with it Anyone here made a GTA V music playlist yet, as well? If you have you should share it here too, just wanting some opinions on the soundtrack basically. I think it's a big step up from GTA IV, Vice City is still my favourite soundtrack but this one is very very good also.
  6. I'm playing Borderlands 2 as well, brilliant game, just got a machine gun with minimal recoil, it's a great game
  7. I heard some good original hip-hop on Sleeping Dogs recently, 2 songs I like and one of them I really really like. The 1st one is John Robinson, 'Channelling' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nXrbT3bGhI And the 2nd is Ghostpoet, 'Finished I Ain't' They're both good artists, I'm not into hip-hop any more, too many bragging rich faggots, but original artists like these are great.
  8. A great starting place if you buy a new 360 or PS3, but I already own them all apart from Midnight Club, and LA Noire which I sold for not giving me the trophy for finding all 50 film reels, piece of shit game.
  9. I can't edit my post? Anyway I uploaded it as soon as I could because I wanted it to be uploaded, you can see it below:
  10. EDIT - I finished rendering the montage not long ago, and hope to upload it in a few hours Firstly I'm glad to see the activity is beginning to pick up here in light of the new GTAV info and screenshots beginning to appear. This topic is to show off a BOGT montage I made over the last 3-4 days with 90% of my gameplay footage, and 10% trailer footage Rockstar released, I'm hoping to get people to watch it and enjoy it, it's the first GTA montage I've made, I recorded it all in game on PS3, and edited it in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 10 Platinum. I haven't finished rendering it yet, let alone uploaded it, but when I do I'll update this topic and post it here. I'm just kinda excited and wanted to mention it because we all love GTA here. I'm so happy with it, I'm a noob at editing but I think it looks good. I used the song Baba O'Riley by The Who, inspired by the famous 'It's Been Good' GTA SA video that has over 250,000 views on Youtube, when it should have a lot more than that really, you can see that here - NOT MY VIDEO BELOW, I WAS INSPIRED BY THIS VIDEO, MY VIDEO WILL BE UPLOADED IN A FEW DAYS: Can't wait to share it when it's uploaded
  11. I rendered the song in 720p, I didn't mean to but i couldn't be arsed to change my settings. And no-one else has this song as a MP3 on the site, GTAP should use this in the downloads section.
  12. Have a look at a montage I made, I'm not good at making them [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKpNcmUWq_s&feature=plcp[/media]
  13. Obsessed with Max Payne 3 game and OST

  14. The Bossman


    Anyone here have a youtube account, and if so, have you uploaded anything yet? Mine's here - http://www.youtube.c...bossman222?ob=0 Mainly COD gameplays and other stuff. Also I have a favourite youtube commentator called ELPRESADOR, I'll embed a compilation so you can see how mad he gets, it's all fun though. Bear in mind this is a compilation of rage so it's gonna be loud and maybe annoying for some people, I personally think it's hilarious. I also like SandyRavage because he's really good at COD and doesn't even upload that often. So yeah share your youtube channels, favourite commentators/whatever. I searched and didn't see a youtube topic.
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