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  1. I have a simple question. What is your favofite radio station exept user track? Mine is K-DST
  2. jakov48

    What is your favourite tuneable car

    mine is sultan too
  3. jakov48

    Need Help

  4. jakov48

    Need Help

    my email is [email protected]
  5. jakov48

    Need Help

    I need help in "Burn and Lap" (driving school) can someone do it for me? dont use cheats please. i'm trying to get 100%
  6. jakov48

    Farewell, my love...

    I can do it for you. Just upload your saved game
  7. jakov48

    cleo 3 or 4

    Go to cleo.sannybuilder.com. on the left top of the page there is a link CLEO 3 Library (installer),click on it and you will open a dialog box. and if you want cleo 3 mods go to gtainside.com
  8. I'm replacing real vehicles on SA vehicles and I was wondering if I can change the engine sound of some vehicles? and if yes, how? for example:URANUS will be engine sound like the INFERNUS. and I have another question.I want to replace a car with hidden headlights (like the zr350).how ican make them work in the game?