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  1. Insanitypays

    [Q] How to add new CJ skin

    I see what u did, ok....so try replacing the files again with the appropriate files, then hit commands->rebuild archive. Hope I helped ^^
  2. Insanitypays

    Vista mod problem

    I used to have GTASA for PC and I modded it like crazy. It was a version I got from my cousin and he cracked it for me. I downloaded a mod that completely killed my game. I had to uninstall it. I got a new one *cough* you know where from (torrents ftw)and its 1.0. So I started off getting a bunch of mods online. I put them in their own folder and used the IMGtool to put them into the game.Everything went smoothly untill my gamesave loaded (it was a 100% gamesave I downloaded and went through a lot that didnt work to get it). I spawn and check out whatever it is I modded, and bam, it isnt modded, its like i didnt even mod it. multiplayer and the mission builder cleo mod work fine, which means its probably a gta3.img problem. (Ive used most of the other modding programs like SAMI, didnt help)