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  1. i tried all the ways,re-installed the game and its V 1.0.none worked.the problem is,i dont have a graphic card and my onboard graphic card is just a 64MB(intel 865 mother board) one.hence the plane just skips a step forward instead of accelerating normally.so even if i reduce the graphic settings its not possible to get on the plane.hence the only way out for me is to get a saved game from some one else.thanx for the suggestions.
  2. I have tried this mission several times but aint able to complete it.I even tried the saved game posted in akumals topic(help!stowaway v1),but as soon as i load the game using it,the game terminates and i get the error message(windows prompt).but the rest of my saved files are working fine.hence it should be a problem either with my game or the saved file in the above said topic.hence i am uploading my own saved file.any help would be greatly appreciated. GTASAsf3.rar
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