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  1. aoj

    Game Freezes after modding

    I have put in some car mods, and it worked perfectly for a few days. It was until i tried to add more cars. I wanted the cars that were made for...[Example: a Previa or whatever it's called] to replace it with the car EMPEROR. it saved the .img file and such, but as soon as i entered that game, the freezing started happening.
  2. Hey, another problem again, i hope you can help me. -I just recently downloaded GTA:SA off of Steam, and was able to mod it using SAMI. but just now, i've put in a few car mods, my game freezes when i walk out of my house and into the door. The screen turns black, displays the VERONA BEACH city name, and freezes there. if i am lucky, i'll be able to go past that loading screen and be able to run around the city for a bit longer til it freezes again. any clue on what to do?
  3. aoj

    2 Cars, 1 model

    thanks llamma
  4. Hey guys, i installed 2 modded vehicles into one model (example: i installed 2 modded vehicles into the INFERNUS model) and was wondering if it will show up both models, or just one, or none?