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  1. MAFIA CITY RPG ~`Community and Server`~ -------- Click here to join us! *About us: We are a Role-playing Community with a stable server that has one of the best RP scripts. We have plenty of legal and illegal factions and jobs, nice animations and commands. Our Administrator Team is best selected to be active and do it's duty as an admin whenever needed. The Server is online 24/7 and it's Las Venturas based script. We have a friendly, funny and English speaking community. *Script Features: Jobs: (Legal) Detective, Lawyer, Taxi Driver (Illegal) Gun Dealer, Drug Dealer, Car Jacker Factions: (Legal) Police, FBI, Army, Government, SAN (Illegal) Corleone, Stracci, Tattaglia, Cuneo, ... Business: Clubs, Bars, Houses, Gas Stations Event-Team: OOC and IC Events with prises and fun! Server IP: Community Forum/Website: http://mafiacityrpg.comOther info: 55-Slots; 24/7 Server; Nice Community Click here to join us! *Server Screen-Shots: Click here to join us!
  2. Old Mafia City RPG post of one of our member: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/24428-samp-mafia-city-rpg/ Mafia City RP Server IP: Forum: http://mafiacityrp.webffs.com City: Las Venturas/Bayside Slots: 40 Players TOP FEATURES: • Las Venturas based Script - Factions/Businesses/Cars/Buildings are in Las Venturas and Bayside • Player-Friendly interface (Login/Register; Commands; Spawn Options) • Featured Position Saving System - Ownable Cars save where you exit them - Player Position saves when you quit game • Tutorial and Quiz for filtering - We want to keep quality RP on our server - Quiz contains yet easy but still important questions about basic RolePlay • Donator premium and rare commands (/togphone, /togwhisper, /name on|off, /accent) - Donate, help us make this server a better place - Get premium commands and lifetime premium status on forums • Admin Team for your ease(/admins and /irc) - MCRP has very good admins that are at your service whenever needed - The Admin Team is working very hard to ensure best RP on the server • Event Team with organized events and prizes - You can win houses, cars or premium status with joining and winning in events! • Best Mapping ever - Our server has one of the best mapping ever. Las Venturas is not what is was before! - Church, Impound Lot, Hospital, Quarry, Random Mapping, Bayside, White House,... • Car Ownership (Dynamic) - We have the ability to spawn ownable vehicles anytime/anywhere with a simple command - Rare car commands: /alarm /seatbelt /(un)lock /fcar • Rare police commands - Police can impound your vehicle, take your license away or taze using silencer • Driving School - We don't give driving license away just like that, pass the school first • Cell-phone(/call [number/911/444(taxi)/123/666]; /sms) and Phonebook - Need to call somebody, police,taxi,mechanic or hitman? • Guide Book(/guide) - Get the most out of Las Venturas with finding the most important parts of the city • Public Radio Station(/ad) - Need a Job? Selling something? Have anything to broadcast? Then advertise! • Ownable Shops/Gas Stations/Clubs/Houses - You can own unlimited businesses and houses • Dynamic house system - We can create unlimited ouses with a simple command • Featured Legal Jobs: Medic, Farmer, Taxi Driver, Detective, Lawyer, Bodyguard • Featured Illegal Jobs and Side-jobs: Gun Dealer, Drug Dealer • Featured Faction Commands(PD/FBI/GOV/SASF) • Legal Factions: SFPD, FBI, SASF, GOV, SA-News, SDC • Illegal Factions: Family Factions, Hitman • Mafia Wars - Wars between Families may occur and admins will manage them with commands • Entertainment - Las Venturas is not just Casino and Money, you can enjoy Paintball and Kart Racing! • Fighting Styles - You can learn up to 3 different fighting styles and use them in combat OTHER FEATURES: • Stocks - The Quarry is one of the most important place in our server. - The Quarry is the place where we keep all stocks such as weapons, alcohol and stuff. • Bank System - A very simple bank system with: /withdraw /deposit /transfer /balance ... • Radio System - Radio system for faction or civilian usage to keep contact easier • Other chat Systems - Faction OOC; Department Communication; Family Communication • Clothing System - We have several types of clothes shops where you can buy your favorite clothes • Laptop System - Faction Dedicated: You can check online members, news and stocks • One shot One kill System - Hitmans can use sniper to do a one shot kill assasination Community promo movies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj3QemWBfl4&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ0KBIIWTMo&feature=related