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  1. i have cos i checked the story line it says im up to that mission so i dont have aything else to do accept drive arround in modded cars!
  2. hey guys i was on my way to do a mission and its the first c.r.a.s.h mission and its in front of the donut shop there is no marker there to start the mission
  3. wondering how long it takes for the traffic to move

  4. Download this: http://www.gtapolicemods.com/downloads.php?page_id=185 Should solve your problem. thanks man
  5. hey guys im new to this i have modded gta sa alot and i mean ALOT and i lagg so much i cant do anything with the mods they are mostly car mods so i dont think u guys should have anu troble figureing out what i should do and i have used that stupid game booster it makes me lagged evenmore
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