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    GTA SA keeps crashing!

    Hey everybody. So basically my problem here is my GTA SA keeps crashing....I had installed some mods before but I uninstalled them and uninstalled my GTA SA off of my computer. I then re install my GTA SA back and it crashes on me? I get to the part where the game is loading I don't even get into the game and it crashes. That's only if I'm lucky though on times when I'm not it won't even let me get to start new game/load game section it will just freeze/crash. So I was wondering does anyone know what's up? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks. -Trikki
  2. TrikkiGunzz

    GTA SA keeps crashing!

    I figured it out myself. It was none of this stuff. I love love LOVE how this community SUCKS at fucking helping people. PLEASE BAN ME FROM HERE.
  3. TrikkiGunzz

    GTA SA keeps crashing!

    I already uninstalled and reinstalled. Still doesn't work.