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  1. ukjamietuk2

    GTA SA keeps crashing!

    hmmmm , what version is the game EU or US and what version # is it 1 or 2 if its version 2 try downgrading it and trying that , if you still have no success , then the problem may lie in the installation files .
  2. ukjamietuk2

    verdant meadow errors

    been having a lot of trouble with the are around verdant meadow recently . as i fly over the game will produce white mountain like shapes and then the game will crash , any problem with this i hvae al ready tried to refresh the country maps from an unmodded version but have had no succses. any idea what is wrong with it?? thanks
  3. ukjamietuk2

    cleo problems :(

    i have the eu version and it works fine... i think i downloaded a mod that required me to replace the GTA_SA.exe and after i installed that mod, i tried CLEO again and to my suprise it worked... try downloading a mod that requires a us .Exe file , Like project oblivion 2007 ... it should work after that.
  4. i am looking for some new text mods that change the style of the game text ... like the gta iv text. are there any good ones rolling about ,theres one on this youtube video(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ9Z7AU9VYc) i watched but cant find it , where the text for map areas will be around the radar. can anyone help with this? maybe a list of possible text mods , and if possible the mod for the area text around the radar(like in the video) Thanks
  5. ukjamietuk2

    GTA Sa x-files 2 Fog

    downloaded the gta x-files 2 mod and the fog is just to strong cant see anything , can it be turned off or do i have to have it??
  6. ukjamietuk2

    GTA SA keeps crashing!

    i had this problem , i think its to do with damaged car files in the gta3.img , or it could be some of the vehicle IDEs or stuff similar to that thought saying that you said you unistalled it. it might just be an error during installation , try uninstalling it and reinstalling it again .
  7. ukjamietuk2

    GTA SA keeps crashing?

    i get into the game , cycle a couple of meters and the game crashes . i only noticed it, when i installed the memory fix , is the porblem within the gta_sa.exe or iis the problem somewhere else?