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  1. Just bumpig the thread since Alvas is nowhere to be found.
  2. lol dude if u wanted to avoid triple post u should've told me to post something:))do that the next time ok?
  3. Ok dear readers,i see the views are continuously increasing and for that i am thankful to all of you,but please,take your time to also post reply's at our episodes.That way,we know what to improve to our story to make it more appealing to your tastes.Don't let Alvas do all the work. And btw thank you all once again for reading this.
  4. Actually,to me and Samil these are the old episodes.But i'm very glad you like them.
  5. Holy shit!1000 views O.o!I didn't think we'd get this far...thanks to everyone that spends time on reading this.
  6. Well,as we said many times in the past,keep reading folks,the episodes just keep getting better and better.This was only the 8th episode of the first season!So u practically ain't seen nothing yet.The episodes will become more and more interesting as the story unfolds so stay tuned for more!
  7. Well,we decided to start by posting the story here,since Samil has been on these forums for a pretty long time and knows how things go around here.And if the readers like our story,we are going to start posting it in some other places too.
  8. Actually i was thinking of an MMORPG...you know something with customizable characters,customizable powers etc,the main characters of the books would be npc's,u could have quests,fight vectronians and all that.I think it would make a pretty good game.
  9. To Alvas:all the respect to u for reading the episodes...thank u for that.About releasing 1 episode each week...we plan on having 30-50 episodes of season 1 and after that another 2 seasons scheduled....so lets do the math...30 episodes x 3=90 episodes.One each week=90 weeks....alot of time...and if we're gonna have 40-50 episodes each season its gonna take even longer.I hope u understand now why we release 2 per week. Once again thank u for taking the time to read.
  10. Well when we released episode 1 we allready had about 20 episodes wrote in advance and now we write more episodes as we release these.
  11. Hehe...time for me to make my appearence here.Hi everyone,i'm Vlad.Co-producer of Ace of Spades.Episode 5 allready...time flyes so fast! I wanna thank everyone that still bothers to read this(especially Alvas). Stay tuned for more episodes,because there WILL be alot more.
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