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  1. so what games will u being getting this year?

    me ill be getting:

    splinter cell: pandora tomorrow

    far cry

    hitman 3: contracts


    true crime:streets of la (coming to pc in may)

    battlefield vietnam

    and medal of honor: pacific assault

  2. Its Gamecube! It have a lot of childrens games (which sucks) but it also have a lot of very cool games!!

    if you look at how nintendo was marketing the GC you would notice that they ORIGINALLY going for 14 and under gamers not 16+ like the xbox. Since THEIR demographics was outdated. (Basically they were going from data that was in 1995 :lol:). Which at the time showed 14- gamers were more than 16+. Later on they realized they were idiots and are NOW starting to market adult games :lol::lol:

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