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  1. thejackel21

    GTA:SA Sketch

    yes good job there philly
  2. thejackel21

    Favorite Movies

    at the moment my fav. is the last samuari but i also like: gladiator braveheart the matrix lotr triliogy die hard triliogy scarface the patriot ocean's 11 the bourne identity blade 2 and underworld
  3. thejackel21

    what games will u be getting?

    so what games will u being getting this year? me ill be getting: splinter cell: pandora tomorrow far cry hitman 3: contracts gangland true crime:streets of la (coming to pc in may) battlefield vietnam and medal of honor: pacific assault
  4. thejackel21

    Word Association

  5. thejackel21

    Word Association

  6. thejackel21

    ladies & gentlemen, we have a ripper!

    original rip look closely at the rip
  7. thejackel21

    Word Association

    medium fries and coke
  8. thejackel21

    Favourite Console

    if you look at how nintendo was marketing the GC you would notice that they ORIGINALLY going for 14 and under gamers not 16+ like the xbox. Since THEIR demographics was outdated. (Basically they were going from data that was in 1995 ). Which at the time showed 14- gamers were more than 16+. Later on they realized they were idiots and are NOW starting to market adult games
  9. thejackel21

    Word Association

  10. thejackel21

    Word Association

  11. thejackel21

    Word Association

    rainbow six 6: ravenshield
  12. thejackel21

    Word Association

    splinter cell
  13. thejackel21

    fave sport

    my favourite sport has to be basketball, since i love dunking over people
  14. thejackel21

    Gangs of Liberty City

    id have to say Yakuza
  15. thejackel21

    Word Association