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  1. i want to have batman car and bike in gta sa can anyone make this for me i will b highly thankful can these have functions like original in movie that is firing heat seeking rpg n shooting machine guns for sitting in batman's car if it opens like original one i.e. by sliding back of rooftop then it would be better primary color to body & secondary colors to rim of wheels nitro boost single in back in middle as in original car & in bike just below rear lights if possible bat car must have lights up and down functions like zr350 is it possible to have it if so plz make it for me.... pics: last two i like most make them plz.....
  2. i have successfully done adding vehicles to gta sa in every aspect the added vehicles are perfect having sounds too they work in same way as in game ones they spawn at specific locations, peds carry them these are all added by me in gta sa hope u all can do the same i added more bikes since i likes bike more than cars so i have added 16 bikes now i am happy as i can find more bikes in my game now.
  3. thanx but i wanted to add extra vehicles not replace existing ones i did it with the help of tutorial and now i have 17 new vehicles in gta sa and 16 of them are bikes all of them are working correctly and having sounds too.
  4. thanx for reply but i dont want to replace original sounds i wanted to edit vehicle sounds so that all my vehicles have sound i got it from searching in google a program to do that now all my bikes have sounds as i want
  5. use "z modeler" and "txd editor" for editing dff and txd files. txd files can be extracted as bmp or tga format so u can use any editor to edit bmp files after extracting them from txd files
  6. thanx for reply, i also searched and got same thing that most of thm support 8 or less colors. i modified colors by carcols.dat n having fun playing thm the only problem now is tht my added bikes dont have sound and rest of the thngs r fine and game is also not crashing.
  7. i need some help i created 12 bikes and installed successfully my game doesnot crashes n runs well without sounds in new addons but when i use asi loader and vehicleaudioeditor the game crashes instant without starting debug file: can anyone tell what is wrong with it n can anyone tell how to use saloader to load dll's as i may be doing it wrong bcoz before this step everything works fine n as soon i use sa loader the game does not start plz help me dudes i m stuck ...
  8. plz...... dudes help me i m near to completion of adding new vehicles just i need the vehicle audio editor ultimate n i can provide u sure shot method for adding new vehicles in gta sa without any errors so far so plz dudes if any one of u has this tool plz upload it and give me the link i m great need of that tool ur help will be appreciated a lot i will include ur name too for contribution n i will provide the same link to others who have needd for tht after reading my post for adding vehicles i can n will do this much for ur help in completing my project thanx in advance
  9. I successfully added two new bikes in game Advantages: I can use thm like others no crash. I can choose color for thm Disadvantage: No name pops on screen when i use thm No sounds yet I m working on disadvantages And on custom handling line Wil post asa i wil get it corrected Any hlp would be appreciated I thnk i need sm tool posted by alexander but links r dead So i hv made request in another post... My work totally based on increasing number of bikes Once done i wil move to others Help me dudes in any way u can
  10. thank you for the link but i can edit handling manually too i want handling editor ultimate for other functions that it can do becoz i m not able to find any othr replacement for tht thy dont work like handling ultimate editor so if u can plz post the same thank you
  11. i searched these tools but the referred link is dead so plz if any one of u have these tools plz post it for me 1. vehicle audio editor ultimate[/url] 2. sa handling editor ultimate 3. asi loader plz post working links as already i have lost much of tym in checking dead links. any help will be appreciated thanx in advance
  12. i wonder has any one tried yet to add new vehicle to gta sa if so thn plz tell me how to do that this is possible as i seen some forum telling about adding in gta vc but i m more interested in adding new vehicles specially bikes in gta sa i want this bcoz at most i can replace 4-5 bikes to new ones but i have more of thm which i want to add so kindly help me in doing that give full method as i m doing tht first tym plz dudes help me to solve this....
  13. i hav installed bike mods but there r only few color combinations for them such as ducati shows only 8 colors is there any fixed no. of colors that can be assigned to particular vehicle if so thn how many and on what factors it depends ? is there any chance to change those factors if so thn wht programs are needed? any help would be appreciated one more thing can i change primary and secondary colors positions on body frame such as i want secondary color to change rim color of my bikes is it possible too if so thn how plz help me.. thanx in advance!!!
  14. ok dudes thanks for ur effort but i got my problem solved... now evry mod is working i hav also installed yamaha today its fabulous bike i like bikes much than cars i hav following bikes suzuki yamaha nrgv2 fcrv2 ducati hondacbr if any one knows more bike mods thn plz suggest me thanks...
  15. i noticed one more strange thing this tym when i uninstalled and reinstalled again if i run the program as administrator then whole game runs fine but any of the mods don't work but all the vehicles including nrg is present and if i run without administrator rights then mods work in case of skins that is applied thru player.img but mods applied to gta3.img doesn't that means vehicles do not get modded as well as nrg is absent from whole game rest vehicles in original form not modded. why the game is showing this kind of behaviour n what is the cause of this whole problem? plz help...
  16. i used certain vehicle and skin mods in gta sa by using txd and dff files, i used img editor to replace files and rebuilt the archive. it worked well and i enjoyed playing like that but now when i open certain garages got blocked nrg missions r not present neither i can find nrg500 nor i can spawn it using gta sa control center. i m stuck becoz that is my favorite bike so i uninstalled the game and installed again to get back that but now also same problem even my mods are still active in newly installed game too. no nrg spawn still no nrg missions plz help me what to do i don't know plz tell me the problem and solution too.. thanks in advance
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