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  1. Gonna play some GTA 4 Multiplayer!!

  2. OG Intensity


    Does that come with the download over Xbox Live?
  3. OG Intensity


    I'm going to purchase some microsoft points soon and purchase both, The Ballad of Gay Tony, and The Lost and Damned now after i download these how do i begin playing them from my gta 4 disk do i look at niko's phone and select it or what do i do??
  4. OG Intensity

    GTA back in the andreas

    I hope the next gta 4 stays in Liberty City (New York City) , but i wouldnt mind if it went somewhere diffrent like Philly or somewhere like that c'mon Rockstar lets see something new and cool lets bring it to a nice unique location!!
  5. OG Intensity

    Come Join Fun!

    So what really is this??
  6. OG Intensity

    GTA 4 Multiplayer

    I'm currently a 5 Star in GTA 4 the quickest way too rank up in GTA 4 is by playing Hangman's NOOSE what do you guys think would be the quickest??