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  1. Nix Annwn

    HDGTAPack#1 GTA3 by onepiece

    Note: Yes, I also read this. Not only did it not make sense, really, but I tried opening the IMG file several times, with both Daemon and CloneCD and it won't let me and I'm not sure how. Help please?
  2. That'd be awesome. Let me know if you do. :]
  3. I know it wouldn't quite mesh with some of the dialogue, but since so little time is spent in dialogue I'm not real worried about that. Anyway, it'd be cool to play as a girl but of course all the player skins I've found are guys. I know I can temporarily change myself to a random ped with a cheat (ilikedressingup) but I was kinda hoping for a whole new character. Thanks.
  4. Nix Annwn

    HDGTAPack#1 GTA3 by onepiece

    So, I've never messed with an image file before, and since my "play" disc is currently somewhere in a pile of files at my old place, I've been using a torrented game (Grand Theft Auto III, just for clarification). I tried to follow your instructions, (I have both Daemon Tools and SlySoft CloneCd) but I really have no idea what to do, especially seeing as I have no CD to work with. Can I even install this download? I'm really at a loss for what to do, and searching all over google and even the forums here don't seem to produce results. Thanks.