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  2. florian_1034

    Exporting gmax models (with collisions) into dff format?

    how do you export in dff with colision.i make the colision and when i save the file give that eror"-- Unable to convert:undefinitet to type:Integer" i use gmax with KAM's script,with a dff colision selectet is going but with a col not,where i wrong?
  3. florian_1034

    export whit colision give eror

    i have a modify car (i put some big legs at her) ,but when i export in dff (after i selected all) give tha eror "--uneble to convert:Undefinitet type:Integer",why? with an dff colision selected is going but if i make my colision with col OI give that .I use GMax with KAMS script,i try 3D studio max 9 but dont't work on my pc for unknow reason. what can i do ,any idea is good so please help me!!!!!
  4. florian_1034

    Gmax Modelling Error

    for first the car has only one while,the other whiles is made by game ,in gmax is just some small cube white name as wheel_lf_dummy.2 if you add something to car you need to attach that to chassis or bonnet(right click on chassis an select attach).so god luck whit colision part and the car color