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  1. Ok, I'm new to this site. I'm from gtaforums and I heard about this site so I decided to join. Just wondering is this site in any way connected to gtaforums because it seems as if these two sites are almost identical in the way you post and reply. I've heard from friends on gtaforum and thegtaplace does not get a long that well. Is this true?
  2. I've asked for help about this same thing on a different site that is much larger than this site and I received zero help. So one of my friends recommended this site and I hope it's helpful. Ok, my problem is that I am playing Vice City on Windows 7 (Home Edition) using the 32 bit disc. My laptop meets the system requirements and it will open and play but it is laggy. For example when getting in a car first few seconds of driving will be ok but then it will slow down and feel as if the game is slowing down entirely and the frame rate will feel a bit terrible. Please help. I've tried 4 different sites and no help and I'm hoping this one could help.
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