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  1. craig1690

    GTA san andreas mansion

    Hey guys im downloading alot of cars bikes ect and hoping too make a video of a car show so im wondering if any one coukd make a mansion with alot of space ect a car show bit in the garden thanks ive searched every were for big gardens and house but can only find small ones
  2. you like bagpipes im scottish !

  3. craig1690

    [HELP] gta san andreas

    Hey guys i have recently downloaded gta SA and i played for like 5 mins installed 1 mod then i tried connecting my ps3 control up too my pc but it fucked up my pc and i ad too format so im on my pc its just been formatted and i have copied the gta SA folder ffrom my usb pen onto desktop and when i try opening it it just comes up with the loading thing on the mouse then itdissapears i ave no idea how this happened so i have a cd for GTA sa with the cracked game on it i try intsalling that all goes well but then i click on the icon it loads on the mouse then the game doesnt load this is really anoyying i hope you guys can help i really need help