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  1. hi i need help on modding the gangs in gta3. I wanted to have a law enforcement gang wars in gta3, for this I downloaded and installed the gangwars mod to summon all the gangs in gta 3. I also took out the weapons.dff file from max payne total conversion mod to changed the looks of the weapons. And for the law enforment part, I extracted the the swat and army model from gta3.img, and photoshopped the skins that goes with them. However when i install the new ped models and .txd files to the gangs model ingame changes but the the textures aren't there. I guess my question is how do i make the new .txd files work with the new .dff models? And can you guys help me change the weapons of the gangs so they get the highpowered weapons(m16,ak47,shotty) instead of bats and pistols? i've attached the files if anyone is interested in helping me out =DD thanks. gang01.DFF gang02.DFF gang07.DFF gang08.dff gang11.DFF gang12.DFF gang01.txd gang02.txd gang07.txd gang08.txd gang11.txd gang12.txd